A central registry of class actions is kept by the Superior Court of Québec.

By using the registry of class actions, you are bound by its policies and conditions of use. You should read the conditions carefully and check if there have been any updates each time you use the registry.

Content of the registry

The registry of class actions includes various types of pleadings, such as: applications for authorization, originating applications, and notices to class members. The registry of class actions does not replace the computerized court register known as the "ledger", which contains all the pleadings filed in the court record in all cases, including class actions.

It is possible that a pleading or judgment filed in the ledger will not appear immediately in the registry of class actions. If there is any discrepancy between the registry of class actions and the ledger, the ledger is considered at all times to be the only official court register.


Any person who files a pleading may use either French or English, in accordance with the Charter of the French language. As a result, such documents do not need to be translated before being filed in the registry.

Guarantee, liability and legal disclaimer

The registry of class actions is intended as an information tool, and the truthfulness, accuracy and reliability of the information is contains is not guaranteed. Neither the Superior Court of Québec nor the Ministère de la Justice can be held liable for any harm allegedly resulting from the use of this website or the information presented in third-party websites to which the registry refers individuals. This website is intended solely to inform the general public, and can in no case be substituted for the services of a lawyer.