Compared to normal court proceedings, a class action offers several advantages:

  1. 1. it is a simple and effective way to defend your rights as a citizen;
  2. 2. it makes justice more accessible, by eliminating various obstacles such as economic or psychological barriers (anxiety, etc.);
  3. 3. it gives your case more weight, by grouping together all the people in the same situation;
  4. 4. it encourages better corporate behaviour, in particular through compliance with the standards and regulations in force.

In addition, for you a class action is free of charge. You have nothing to pay to participate, or to receive compensation. You are also not required to pay the defendant's costs if the judge dismisses your case. However, some of your compensation may be used to pay for your group's lawyer.

A class action gives you some indirect advantages:

  • it encourages the defendant to pay attention even to minor incidents;
  • it requires the defendant to treat all the members of your class fairly.