Why consult the registry?

You can use the registry of class actions to check if a class action instituted in Québec concerns you. It is a Web-based tool providing a range of information about all the class actions filed since 1 January 2009 in a courthouse, such as

  • a description of the class;
  • the deadline for filing a claim;
  • the courthouse where the trial will be held;
  • the name of and contact information for the class's lawyer.

Using the registry, you can also view the main documents for the class action, including

  • the application for authorization to institute a class action;
  • the judgment authorizing the class action;
  • the judgment on the merits;
  • the notices to members.

It is important to note that the documents are not translated. The parties can choose to file the documents in either official language and have no legal obligation to translate them.

The registry of class actions, which is under the responsibility of the Superior Court of Québec, does not replace the court ledger. If there is any difference, the information in the court ledger takes precedence.