Role of the representative

Your representative is more than just your spokesperson. He or she is the official plaintiff in your class action and is therefore named in all the pleadings for the class action. In addition, the representative must

  • contact a lawyer to file the initial judicial application;
  • work with the lawyer to gather the documents and information needed to continue with the proceeding;
  • remain in contact with the lawyer who filed the application to receive news about the progress of the class action;
  • participate in each stage in the class action, in particular during the trial;
  • ensure that the class action is taken to its conclusion in the form of a judgment or settlement.

The representative must also ensure that the interests of the class members are protected.

It is important to note that your representative must have been designated by the court. Before authorizing a class action, the court must assess whether, on the basis of the criteria established by law, your representative is fit to represent you.